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This Nerf Elite 2.0 Set Includes 3 Blasters For Lots Of Dart-Firing Fun! The Nerf Elite 2.0 Loadout Pack Includes The Technician Ds-2 Blaster That Has 2-Dart Capacity, Releases 1 Dart At A Time With Pump-Action Priming, And Has A Tactical Rail And A Stock Attachment Point To Customize The Blaster (Stock Not Included). The Quadfire Qs-4 Blaster Has 4-Dart Capacity To Unleash 4 Darts In A Row, A Pull-Back Priming Handle, And A Targeting Sight For Aiming. The Ace Sd-1 Blaster Launches 1 Dart, Has A Pull-Down Priming Handle, And A Targeting Sight That Doubles As Onboard Storage For 1 Dart. This Powerful Pack Includes 14 Official Nerf Elite Foam Darts, Enough To Fully Load All 3 Blasters, And Backup Darts To Reload Them All And Keep On Blasting. Build Your Nerf Collection With The Loadout Pack! It's A Great Gift That Lets You Blast Into Nerf Battles Right Out Of The Box. Eyewear Recommended (Not Included). No Batteries Required. Nerf And All Related Properties Are Trademarks Of Hasbro.


  • 3 Blasters And 14 Darts.

This product is carefully designed, made of high-quality materials, carefully polished details, smooth edges, suitable for children to play, can also share with other children, play with parents, and promote the development of parent-child relations.

product features

  • Includes 3 nerf blasters: the nerf elite 2.0 loadout pack includes 3 blasters and 14 nerf elite darts! add to your nerf collection with this special pack. great for gift-giving

  • Nerf elite 2.0 technician ds-2 blaster with 2-dart blasting: fire 2 darts in a row! includes pump action priming, tactical rail, and stock attachment point (stock not included)

  • Nerf elite 2.0 quadfire qs-4 blaster with 4-dart blasting: unleash 4 darts in a row! includes pull-back priming handle and targeting sight

  • Nerf elite 2.0 ace sd-1 blaster with targeting sight: launches 1 dart and has a targeting sight that doubles as onboard 1-dart storage

  • 14 nerf elite darts: this set of 3 nerf elite 2.0 blasters includes 14 official nerf elite foam darts, giving you enough to fully load all 3 blasters and backup darts for reloads


Тохиромжтой нас8+
Худалдаанд гарсан огноо2022-08-25
Хэмжээс530 x 255 x 305 мм
Зорилтот бүлэгБүгд

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