Research projects on Human Papilloma Virus in Mongolia: 2016-2022

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The World Health Organization (WHO) endorsed the Global Strategy towards the Elimination of Cervical Cancer at the World Health Assembly in 2018 - the first elimination strategy for a cancer in WHO's history. The strategy outlines three measurable global targets to prevent and treat cervical cancer: By 2030, 90% of girls should be fully vaccinated with Human Papilloma Virus vaccine by 15 years of age; 70% of women should be screened using a high-performance test by age 35 and again by age 45; 90% of those identified with cervical disease should receive appropriate treatment.

In Mongolia, cervical cancer is the second leading cause of morbidity among women. In view of the high

burden of cervical cancer and limited available HPV genoprevalence data in Mongolia, 4vHPV vaccine (Gardasil) was donated by the Millennium Challenge Account to the Mongolian Ministry of Health in 2012. However, the vaccination campaign was stopped due to misinformation and community resistance.

The National Cancer Council has been working on research projects, advocacy for stakeholders, and raising awareness about cervical cancer since 2015. The formative study involved parents of adolescent girls, school teachers and health professionals, and identified information needs, beneficial messaging, and trusted sources to inform better IC materials before vaccine re-introduction. The results of our studies to explore the effect of 2012 vaccination campaign showed a significant reduction of vaccine targeted HPV infection among 3-dose and even single-dose recipients in Mongolia.

As a result of the evidence gained through these research studies and advocacy work, the National Immunization Technical Advisory Group made a decision for a step-by-step reintroduction of the HPV vaccination in 2018 and budget was allocated by the Government. With the support and commitment of many individuals and organizations, huge steps were taken in the fight against cervical cancer in Mongolia.


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